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Commercialisation of research

Liryc, a place of innovation

Liryc aims to transfer the knowledge gained to develop innovative technologies for the diagnosis or treatment of heart rhythm disorders.

Commercialising research results means supporting a discovery, technology or skill to turn it into a new product on the market.

Through its unique infrastructure, Liryc promotes relations between research teams, clinical teams stakeholders in the business community: medical device, drug or imaging equipment manufacturers, major groups, start-ups, actors in technology transfer, etc. This close collaboration is the breeding ground for the development of innovative projects to invent diagnostic tools, state-of-the-art medical devices and therapies of the future

Through its commercialisation policy, Liryc is surrounding itself with industrial partners and financiers with the best tools to help optimise its inventions, hence accelerating their availability for the benefit of patients. Indeed, developing innovation is a long and expensive process, which requires additional resources to those available at the Institute.

Different types of innovation at Liryc

With regard to innovation, Liryc has built a real innovation policy which is based on a collegially-defined strategy. A strategic committee meets twice a year to determine the focus of this policy.

Integrated co-operation has been established with local stakeholders, such as Aquitaine Science Transfert, to accelerate the innovation process.

The innovations, which Liryc is developing, mainly affect :

  • Electrophysiology catheters, and their optimisation for procedures, as well as innovative and interactive training of clinicians in their use,
  • Imaging-based software, used during procedures to make them more efficient and safer.
Key figures, since Liryc's creation
  • 20 active patents,
  • 5 softwares,
  • 45 industrial partnership agreements (apart from training),
  • 6 licences,
  • 3 start-ups created.

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