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Patient management

The expertise of Liryc’s medical and paramedical teams is applied within a perfectly integrated organisation at the CHU de Bordeaux Haut-Lévêque Cardiology Hospital and Saint-André Hospital sites.

The medical teams along with the Patient Associations are acting for better patient management and quality of life. 

CHU de Bordeaux's Cardiothoracic Cluster and Care Pathway

The Cardiothoracic Cluster brings together the skills of all the specialties related to heart diseases. It has a total capacity of 425 beds (including 22 Outpatients’ places).

Patient management is organised around:

  • a shared consultation platform in close co-operation with the non-invasive investigation centres (Ultrasound, ECG, Stress tests, Holter, etc.)
  • an emergency department and an intensive cardiac care unit
  • an interventional cardiology technology platform at Haut-Lévêque (6 haemodynamic and electrophysiology suites) as well as an invasive investigation area at Saint-André
  • two operating theatres, cardiac and thoracic, which are located with the resuscitation and continuous monitoring units
Patient Associations

Many associations act to support patients and their families on a daily basis and to improve their quality of life alongside the medical and paramedical teams. Their main role is to break the isolation with a close relationship. Depending on their specialisation, they also contribute to awareness-raising and prevention activities and support research.


ACEPTA/Alliance du coeur Sud-Ouest – Associations des patients atteints de pathologies cardiovasculaires

AMOC - Association des Malades et Opérés Cardiaques

ANCC - Association Nationale des Cardiaques Congénitaux

APODEC – Association des Porteurs de Défibrillateurs Cardiaques

Au cœur des jumeaux

Club cœur et santé Pessac : réadaptation et ré-entraînement à l'effort 

Cœur des Mamans – Priorité Prévention

Fédération Française de Cardiologie - A.C.A. (Association de Cardiologie d'Aquitaine, antenne régionale de la Fédération Française de Cardiologie)

France AVC

Les liens du cœur

Les Maux du Cœur

Les Porteurs - Association de Pacemakers et Défibrillateurs Cardiaques

Ligue contre la cardiomyopathie

Petit Cœur de Beurre - soutien aux personnes nés avec une cardiopathie congénitale

SIC - Association pour le Soutien à l’Insuffisance Cardiaque

Sport en cœur, prévention sportive