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University degree courses

IHU Liryc offers an international training programme to scientists and healthcare professionals specialising in cardiac electrophysiology.

Our role is to give healthcare providers, hospitals and patients real added value through the excellent training and development led by Liryc's researchers and doctors.


Liryc is involved in university education in the fields of cardiac electrophysiology and engineering applied to cardiology and cardiac imaging.

It has been a world leader in the treatment of arrhythmia with catheters for more than 20 years; Liryc decided to impart its knowledge as part of the university degree programmes at the University of Bordeaux.


University Diploma in Remote monitoring of implantable cardiac prostheses (telecardiology)

This diploma course is wholly dedicated to teaching the practical and theoretical bases: 

  • of the operation of implantable prostheses (implantable Holter device, pacemaker, cardiac defibrillator and resynchronization devices).
  • of remote monitoring of these prostheses

Education or level of knowledge required: this university diploma is for non-medical professionals involved in the remote monitoring of implantable cardiac prostheses.

Format: 2 weeks of face-to-face instruction and 16 one-hour sessions of in-depth study in webinar format. The courses are given in French.



Liryc will be part of the next University Research School programme led by the University of Bordeaux in 2020, with the launch of a "Cardiac Electrophysiology Graduate School".

It will be entirely dedicated to cardiology, with at its center an international Master's degree currently being developed.


For more information about our diploma courses, Laure Dangles answers your questions here